Sunday, July 08, 2012

Scenes of Washington Heights Taken on 7/6/12



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You claim to be dispassionate, free of selfish motivation,
That your judgment is unbiased, of emotionless sensation.

You say that your goals are to disabuse the masses of silly notions,
That the freeing of mistaken beliefs is the desire of your motions.

You seem never to be enervated after hours before the screen,
Typing and thinking doesn't weaken those observations so obscene.

You present stories and vignettes that belie the accepted theory,
That contradicts the status qua so much that I've become weary.

You assume that we are credulous, that we will believe all your facts,
That we are gullible and naïve, that we trust your verbal attacks.

You respond to comments in decorous fashion, with eloquence and respect,
In hope that propriety and politeness will convince us your arguments are correct.

You wish to divest the Gedolim of their positions, yes; you really do,
Deprive them of their rank and position and fill it with someone more like you.

You post links to eclectic sources of mockery and disparagement,
This best and most diverse range (of links) merely show disgust and contemptment.

You present words of torah which are estimable; they impress the average reader,
They think that they are worthy of esteem, thus a real crowd pleaser.

I have read these posts with the desire to divine whether they are worthwhile,
To discover and have insight as to why they are so in style.

I, to my dismay, have found a crafty and cunning scheme,
That the authors are filled with deception, and this approach reign supreme.

I find that bloggers often eschew the noble and glamorous deeds,
They shun and avoid the virtues of the community so pristine.

I see many problems that are exacerbated to such an extent,
To inflame and make worse is what makes them truly content.

I must get used to this dissonance of diatribes and complaints,
To raise myself above the din and clamor truly needs a saint.

I remain dubious to their sources, and feel to a need to proclaim,
Their doubtful and questionable sources are not grounds for מוציא שם.

I wish that they were as exacting on themselves, to expect so much,
Their severe demands and meticulous investigations would cease to make a fuss.

I am bothered by caustic remarks, of criticism and complaints,
That they find joy and jubilation in all that their sarcasm creates.

I am no longer craven, to hide with my cave,
With courage and cowardliness I shall now strive to behave.

I am no longer uninterested, I now care so very so,
That my disinterested approach shall be unbiased and only grow.

July 8, 2012 at 3:17 PM  

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