Wednesday, July 04, 2012

All This and Haiku Too

It's 11:54, I hope for this to be a swift post - done soon, then to bed.

I am an introvert - no question.  Being in crowds, socializing, making small talk drains me. I need it sometimes, but a little goes a long way.

I think a lot about personality types, Myers Briggs, Enneagram, The Color Test, Chesed vs. Gevurah etc, and (as the announcer used to say on commercials of my youth) much much more.

I wrote four haiku today (so far):

G-d bless this young girl
thirty people in the train
just she reads a book

Lilly Tomlin says
If love is the answer
Repeat the question

Script has disappeared
Writing has become stilted
Talk to you later

Is there someone on
the other side of the world
writing, now, like me?

I've written before and - please G-d - will write again about comedians and comedy.  People don't realize how difficult it is to be a decent comedian and get some laughs, let alone (I think I just figured out a good English adaptation of kal vechomer) being a great one and bringing down the house). Here's a young comedian having a great moment in the sun, being as on as one can be. His name is Jacob Williams and wow does he hit it out of the park here.

Mitch Hedberg is - deservedly - considered one of the greatest comedians ever.  His letters are slowly being circulated.  Here's a little piece that any comedian can relate to, I think:

"The show starts at midnight. A very cool start time if you ask me. But I have to judge a drink making contest first. The private party is for a bunch of bartenders. Judging means I have to arrive early. And mingle, more or less. Not my style. Whenever I arrive to a club early it’s because there’s a greenroom I can hide out in. Mingling means I’ll be known as the comedian before I hit the stage (if there is one). People will be expecting me to be funny already. Funny already. A test I’ve failed many times."

Time to go to sleep, get some rest, take care of myself - or try my best, if you don't respect yourself no-one will, it's a role only you can fill. Elton was right, sorry can be a hard word, it can also be too easy or so I've heard. G-d please bless me with good sleep, going there takes faith - I fear that leap. Bless us all, everyone, to start a new day under the sun.

That's a w/rap.



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