Thursday, June 07, 2012

Thursday Night

11:32 PM - Just back from graduation.  The thing itself took a bit over an hour, which was nice.  Then there was really pleasant mingling and congratulating and eating time afterwards.

One parent came over to tell me that she liked the poem I posted earlier today.  Another woman and her husband each approached me to let me know that she worked three of my poems from In The Field into a Sheva Brachot talk (and it turned out the kallah loves haiku) this week.

The poems she used were:

How do you label
loyalty, friendship, and love?
Call it a good day

Walk inside a dream
and from that place make it real
It won't have to end

I cry at weddings
and sometimes when the rain falls
Firework moments

11:59 and Beyond - Someone searched "melo einayim" and this post came up as the number one result. I like the post and the plethora of comments and poems, including Kishka's contibutions - which included the searched words.

I've been reading up a bit on the parsha - Beha'alotcha and thinking about lighting of candles.  I wrote some of my thoughts on the way to graduation and was interested to hear that salutatorian Eliana Bessler used the parsha as a springboard to speak about various Torah themes relating to light (our responsibility to be Ohr LaGoyim, Shabbos candles and the importance of shalom bayit, Chanukah candles and what they mean to us, Bedikat Chameitz and the need to clear out crumbs of imperfection from inside ourselves).

I Light Candles

for the smell
for the flame
for the spirit
even for fun
for birthdays
for parties
for cakes
to decorate
to create
for ambiance
of comedy 
or romance

Beyond Beyond - Someone once told me that writing 11:59PM for any time after midnight was lying so - even though it's likely only one person cared - I've started writing 11:59 and beyond, and now just introduced beyond beyond.

Today was a grate/great-fulicious day.  Thank you G-d.


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