Monday, June 11, 2012

Some Words Inspired By Graduation

Anyway, so many things happen.  Yet we need to try to pay attention to and lift up the events in our lives.

Because: every action we take in life should have one.

Courage gets bandied about as an almost meaningless word and yet is also offered as an open option daily in the ways and degrees to which we choose to think and act.

Devotion as a word and concept seems to have gone out of fashion around 1950; It behooves us to ask ourselves. "Am I devoted to anything?' and if the anser is yes then then follow up with, "What am I devoted to?" and take a good look at the answer.

Excellence - Find it, define it, refine it, till it's yours.

Fighting should be generally avoided, but - as cliched as it sounds - you sometimes have to fight for what you believe in, including your life.

"Greatness," "Great People," "Gedolim" - these words are used freely and often. I have a great idea - let's all try to be big in what may seem like small ways.

Happiness is available right now.

I suppose, and so can you.

Just like that, things change - but our attitudes can be more consistent than that.

Kindness is key.

Love can't be the answer until you understand the question.

Money can buy comfort but not happiness.

Nice guys finish - sometimes first, sometimes last - just like everybody else.

Only 13 Jewish principles of faith exist, there's a lot of freedom to believe.

Parents and G-d - never forget them, always be grateful.

Quickly, slowly - one way or another we're all looking for home.

Ratios are important; that's why character traits are called measures - middot, in Hebrew

Storage is a double edged sword.

Time is untimed.

Untold can't be sold.

Very little - and also very much - is in our control.

What may be important, but how is more interesting.

Xanthippe gave Socrates a hard time - try to avoid that.

Yes is most appreciated when said straight out.

Zealotry must be watched.


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