Thursday, June 14, 2012

Learning Vs. Spit Back (Part II)

(For Part I Click Here)  (Q - How can yeshiva high school classes - possibly - be more about process and thinking and less about memorizing for a grade?)

A3 - A.B.M. - (From a "Former" Student) - Shalom Rabbi Fleischmann! My husband, Y, had the idea that the testing system itself needs to change. It's difficult when teachers make spit back tests which require intense memorization and little creativity. Question's should require creative thought and application of concepts and theories. This would require more work on the teacher's part in addition to more time while writing and grading tests.... These are things I personally got from your class. You seem very invested in the teaching process.

Personally I'm not sure what should done... I'd love to think about it. I think it's an awesome question that should asked by/to all educators.

A4 - Y.K - The problem is not the memorizing, it's the forgetting afterwards. Imagine what your students would be like if they could recall everything that they had ever memorized?

A5 - P.M. - If you are serious about "the process"--then do away with tests! Have the kids sign a contract about what they want to learn during the year and then help them "grade" themselves at the end of the year as to whether or not they achieved their goals. (Of course, I never taught high school--just 36 years in ECE.)

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