Friday, June 22, 2012

Good Erev Shabbos

A rebbe of mine who was unconventional told me many years ago that there's always a price you pay for being that way.  Some of us are out of the box, and as a friend of mine likes to put it - some of us don't even know where the box is.

Why blog?  Who reads? When will I get a comment here?

You can go home again, or at least I can.  Here I am in the basement I grew up in, feeling the whitecaps of time washing back and forth on the sands of my childhood, adulthood, life.

It's almost Shabbos, and as I consider not just the week gone by but the school year that just was, i yearn for Shabbos with great thirst.

Shabbos please bless me again over these upcoming hours as you have in the past, since childhood.  You know how much I've always loved you, how you always have made me feel more whole, better, happier.

Shabbos, you are our bride - for as as a people and each individual. How you love us, arriving every week, and waiting patiently as the sun of our burning weak weeks simmers and then burns out.

Shabbos, enough writing around and about you - it's time to experience you, thank G-d.


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