Wednesday, June 20, 2012

For Now

In a moment I'll be leaving, I'll be leaving in a moment, I'll be leaving in a moment or two.  Maybe there will be some reason, or some meeting, and yet most probably this is my last exit from the building for the year.

I am grateful to G-d for what I do in life.  I am grateful to G-d for how many students said they learned a new way to think in my class, that they liked applying the Chumash to life, that they liked the rare personal touch - that it was all unique and refreshing.  Their affection, appreciation and respect means a lot to me.  Thank you G-d.

I'll take the 756 for around that number time, I'll take it home - as it were, I'll take the 756 in 15 minutes time, to another bus - at a mall. I'll leave these holy holy halls as a 16th year ends,I'll head to be home by 7, by seven PM, I'll stop writing any minute now, I'll stop writing now, now, I'll stop but - not forever, 
for now.


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