Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Eleventh Commandment

By Samuel Adelman

Sam Gibson was his name,
A Christian who taught me well;
A bright eyed octogenarian,
Of whose wisdom I now tell.

Young was I, in self esteem,
Filled with visions bright;
But the brightest of all of them,
Was that of being right.

One day I pouted before him,
My tales of woe and hurt;
The frustrations of this rabbi,
Whose words were so much dirt.

Sadly he looked into my eyes,
And nodded his hoary head;
"The trouble son, is your lack of faith,"
His sharp tongue to me said.

"You're quickly dispossessing yourself
Of earth as well as heaven,
Because you have disobeyed
G-d's commandment number eleven.

"Hold on, Sam, I know full well
What G-d gave to men;
The number that I recall
Is no more than ten!"

"Silly boy, wrong you are,
Now you give ear to me;
The one that I refer to says:
Take not thyself so seriously.

"For men to turn in faith to you,
As is your hope and dream,
You'll have to drop your image of,
Your arrogant self esteem.

"So hear me and I assure,
You'll find a place in Heaven;
When you've learned to obey
Commandment number eleven."


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