Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Answers: The Deeper Meaning of Vayikchu Li Trumah, Nediv Lev, Hevei Zahir BeMitzah Kallah KeVaChamurah, and Much More

A question on the final was to explain how this quote ties in with what we learned about donating for the Mishkan and giving to G-d by doing mitzvot in general:

The last part of the layered essay was to say why you agreed or disagreed with this approach.

Here's what SB wrote: "I really want to thank you for providing me with an alternative view on the world.  Although I don't entirely agree with the perspective of the world as completely beautiful, I understand and appreciate it. There's always a new way to view religion and G-d, but you have taught me to do it through nature.  For that I am very grateful to you Rabbi."


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