Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vaad Haiku

Last year was the first time that my school had a vaad program, similar to what some schools call having a class adviser.  Last year each Jewish Studies section met with a teacher once every other week.  The year the groups were a hybrid of students from different classes.  Last year, as they met at different time, I had two groups.  This year they all met at once, bi-weekly, so I could only have one.  We discussed school and life, as we ate rice cakes, every week.Today was the last day that we met and we all wrote some haiku (after I shared with them a bit about haiku, my haiku, my book):

We all share our books
Even ones we did not write
Stories of our lives

I loved my vaad class
We are sitting together
Now, for one last time

- Rabbi Neil Fleischmann

I really like vaad
My brain is not built for this
Oh well - it's okay

- Liat Greenwood

I am sitting here
Thinking of what to write down
For this assignment

Pandas are my friends
They like me and I like them
They are beautiful

I love having vaad
Vaad's the best time of the week
I want it next year

- Keren Pickholz

Now it is the end
Missing times we shared as one
We had a great year

- Leora Hourizadeh

As the year nears end
We say goodbye to our friends
Sure we'll meet again

- Adina Waitman

I'll miss vaad a lot
The year has gone by so fast
Now summer is here

- Amanda Newman

Vaad is the best class
I'm so upset it's over
I will miss you guys

[An Acrostic]

Totally in love with vaad
Always will love vaad
My heart belongs to vaad
Actually, I look forward to it daily
Really love this group

- Tamar Liberman

I entered these halls
To the home of the cougar
side by side with friends

We were just freshmen,
the youngest kids in the school,
and time just flew by

Now a part of Frisch
Integrated as a grade
From our middle schools

We have changed since then
Everything has changed since then
We are now cougars

- Lisa Appelbaum

What does not kill you
Makes you a stronger person 
Can't be knocked down

It's just bound to be that way
Don't try to change it

- Rachel Markowits

Vaad was great this year
I will miss it very much
We need it next year

Reb Fleischmann is best
Without him vaad is nothing
Tenth with Reb Fleischmann!

Rice cakes are yummy
Low in fat and calories
Eat them all day long!

- Dotan Rand


Anonymous lavender garden said...

Lisa's, especially, has a lot of depth and Dotan's also flowed and was fun to read. Would you or Lisa mind explaining the cougar reference? Thanks, and have a wonderful Shavuous!

May 24, 2012 at 10:52 AM  
Blogger rabbi neil fleischmann said...

Have a great Shavuous too.

Thanks for the comment.

I am amazed that when you ask people to write poems, they can.

Cougars is the name of the sports teams of the school. It's used a nickname of students of the school and in mottos like - the school is where cubs become cougars, it's where cougars learn together, etc.

May 24, 2012 at 1:42 PM  
Blogger rabbi neil fleischmann said...

I was asked off-blog about this:

The reason why the poems are all by girls is because there are boy vaads and girl vaads. Mine was girls.

Also the vaads are kind of small groups; I believe that everyone in the group submitted at least one haiku and gave me permission to post it with their name.

May 24, 2012 at 6:39 PM  

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