Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How He Got Through Medical School

Once upon a time - in a world that still exists and wasn't so different 50 years ago - there was a medical student who was also a rabbi. He was also a father of two with a third on the way. In his third year of medical school it became impossible to meet the tuition and he was going to pull out.

A kind stranger got wind of the story and told Marquette University that he'd give the rabbi the four thousand tuition dollars he needed. This man was a Lebanese actor. The rabbi didn't believe it until the check came.

Years later the rabbi had achieved the means and prominence to be able to help arrange a dinner for the generous performer's favorite charity,a hospital that treats all children with catastrophic diseases despite a family's inability to pay. And he spoke about the kindness that the man had done for him. And he spoke about how proud his Father in heaven must have been to see his children getting along. And he wondered how it could be that a Lebanese Arab and an Orthodox Jew could form such a strong bond. As much as it boggles his mind, he knows it's a holy truth.

And Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski is forever grateful to Danny Thomas.

This story came to mind when I bought these stamps today.


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