Friday, March 30, 2012

Erev Shabbos At Work

11:58 AM - "Without you I was broken and I'd rather be broke-down with you by my side." - Jack Johnson.

That song, Broken, is playing, sad and soothing.

Been up since about 5:30.  Bussed it to a ride.  Have gotten some stuff done - one review sheet and my Haggadah distributed.  Need to finish five classes of grades and two review sheets.

I have two student meetings coming up.

12:20 - Student's on way. He was recommended to me by his counselor who felt I could be more helpful than he could.  I hope.

Stress is the enemy, yet indirectly can set me free, if I overcome her then I win, if there can be winning in this game we're in.  Avoiding stress is how I spend my day, but she slips in anyway.

1:37 PM - Had long chat with student.  Ate lunch. Need to finish review sheet. Now.

3:50 PM - School's out but not for me.  I got the review sheets finished and out.  Now I'm done with 2 out of 5 classes.  Owl City is serenading me.  My foot hurts, still.  

Shabbos is waving.

4:20 PM - Angel From Montgomery (live) is playing.  I just finished my getting report card grades in.

"How can a person go to work in the morning and come home in the evening and have nothing to say?" - John Prine

4:27 PM - Mailed the review sheets to the home computer. Van Morrison is singing about living in a house full of shadows in "Reminds Me of You." "Everything I do reminds me of you."

Time to start moving upstairs and outside and homeward.

Organ music plays
I sway and take inside this
melancholy tune


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