Monday, May 09, 2011


I'm writing this lying down, un-spiraling toward deeper levels of my subconscious than during my layered waking hours. Tonight was the second week in an art workshop and it came alive. It's an hour of discussion and an hour of art critiquing of one another's work. I scribbled the following during a presentation:

Artistic people
tend to use a lot of words
They should try haiku

I presented a piece, a pastel rendition of water hitting rocks. I like pastel, reminds me of the set my Aunt Leah got me when I was a kid. The problem with pastel is that it rubs off. Transporting the smeary thing was messy. I sprayed it, which was a whole other (toxic) mess. Teacher said (afer the deed was done) spraying with a finish is fine as long as you do it when there's no wind, wearing a mask, on a roof.



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