Monday, March 21, 2011

Yaakov and Eisav - Toldot Questions

I feel like blogging - but it may just be my ego talking. My id says to work my endless work. Superego has a compromise - present the prep as a post.

1. What do Chazal say about two types of love and how they each play out?
2. How does this mishnah relate to how the Torah conveys Yitzchak and Rivkah's love for their children?
3. What are two explanations for "ki tzayid befiv?" What issue with one explanation leads to the other?
4. What irony is at play in the opening of the story of the sale/purchase of Eisav's birthright?
5. What is the personality of a hunter like? How does this relate to A.D.D?
6. Why is Eisav called Edom (in light of the birthright sale episode)? Explain well. Use nature vs. nurture.
7. How can the sale of the birthright be explained as legitimate and not an unfair and unbinding trick?
8.How is Eisav's attitude and full payments made relevant to approaching question 7? Explain well.
9. What does ancient Near East history reveal about sales of birthright?
10. Does it sound to you like the sale of the birthright and thus Yaakov's claim to it was legitimate?


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