Friday, March 25, 2011

Shabbat Shalom and Thank G-d

All I have is this moment. I'm in Passaic, in the home of friends. Thank G-d. Soon Shabbos will envelope me. Thank G-d. I usually sleep more and better (and eat more and better on Shabbos. Thank G-d. (Thank G-d.)

Shabbos is on her way, a harbinger - the end of days.
On Shabbos my soul truly feels, and I am myself - real
(or closer anyway, or so I pray).
She'll be here soon, I am aware, and yet - as usual - I'm unprepared.
It's always hard to step closer to Heaven, whether the transition comes at four or seven.
This - for now - is the end of my rhyme. Thank G-d, thank G-d, infinite times.


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