Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mom and Her Dear Friend Lillian Bartel

The other day I was looking for my cousin Lewis' email address. I found it in an email from my mom - OBM - which had the address of her friend Lill (Lillian) on the list. I reached out to Lillian, who had taught with my mom at P.S. 20 in the Bronx. Below are a couple of excerpts from her rich response.

Hi Neil,

It has taken me a week to answer your e-mail. All week I've been thinking about my reply. Nothing really stands out, except that we had been friends for over 50 years. In that time line we shared weddings, births, etc. . To this day I wait for her call, "So what's new?" Or, "You can't pick up the phone?"

...When your Mom and Dad came to me I would go to the Kosher deli and the serve them right out of the wrappings on paper plates. After my divorce your mom was one person who kept watch over me. Others cut me off.

For many years I was a Lay Assisting Minister. I helped at mass, I chanted part of the service, said prayers and anything else the Minister thought I could do. I can't do this anymore, because the altar has steps that I find hard to go up and down. I am still active in the church. This past year I have had so serious health problems. Anew tech pace maker has turned things around for me. So I can climb steps with out panting. Hope this helps a little.

Fondly, Lill


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