Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Minchah Offering

Someone googled minchah offering and landed on this poem. I'd forgotten that I had written it.

It's the middle of the work day
A time ill-suited for prayer
Kind of like a coffee break
Mid performance of a bypass
Early morning, late night
We make time and pray
In the vein of exercise or
other early and late musts
But the Minchah Amidah's
Against the grain interruption
Standing still in the afternoon
Let's admit how awkward it is
I'm in the middle of a life-span
(Almost comically, so called)
An unpopular time to pause
Pen poems, hum new tunes
In my youth, in my old age
It was, will be O.K. to play
Like my not driving a car
my lacking a power position
In what's called mid-life
Running is all the rage
Yet I'm thrilled to sit and
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