Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mid Day Work Post

I have 2 posts I'm in the middle of, can't finish now. Ever? Hope so. There's about five minutes till I start my first of five Torah Guidance meetings in a row. I have been thinking lately (lately?) about balance. It's the key to life. Idealism vs. practicality. There are a lot of barracudas out there, to use a friend's word. And yet (to use Nicole Krause' full sentence). Waiting for the tough people to change is not helpful. And becoming crooked like others is wrong. And yet. And yet. And yet. There's got to be the kind of balance for all of us that Yaakov achieved. Here was an Ish Tam who dealt with manipulative and murderous people and lived to shep nachas from a whole holy family. Yesterday I wrote an F.I.T. recommendation - I hope the student gets in. I also feel like saying I wouldn't mind if she says thank you. I prepared a 30 question/answer review sheet for a class for tomorrow. Today we had a good discussion about what tests are. The Rashbam says that when it says G-d tested Avraham with the Akeida it means He caused him discomfort, not that He tested him the way we think of it. Rashbam sees it as punishment for what came right before - the treaty with Avimelech. The question came up - what does Rashbam do with the chazal statement regarding 10 tests. I say he accepts it. Chazal also say that we tested G-d in the desert ten times, more than testing we provoked Him. Maybe, the Rashbam is saying that nisayon is provocation.

Adam Abergel and Jillian Shapiro just came in for our meeting. Good day.


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