Monday, July 12, 2010

Separated At Birth?

Last night I had a dream in which I was on the Supreme Court. The weird thing was that everyone on it was frum. Siting next to me was a Rav I used to teach with who is kind but to some seems slightly gruff on the surface. He's been compared to Walter Matthau. I wonder if the dream had anything to do with my having just watched "First Monday In October."

It is Week Three, Day One. There are different ways of counting - this method starts with the first full week off after Promotion Day and the last Meeting. This approach also starts with Monday of each week (except for Monday July 4th) excluding days when non teachers are off and teachers would have been off anyway. On Shabbos I saw a dear friend who told me that my summer plans are what the summer is meant to be for teachers, a time to recharge. She's a teacher. It's a teacher thing, you may not understand. (The old line comes to mind that my senior rabbinic colleague who looks and talks and breathes and talks like Walter Matthau used to like to cite regarding the two best things about being a teacher.)


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