Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Rainfall, Two Tanka. One Haiku

I wrote these poems today while staring out the glass walls of Chop Chop Restaurant, waiting fifteen minutes for my lunch, watching the torrential showers. It was a thunderstorm that lasted about a half hour and was gone. Dr. David Schatz, a super mentsch - in my experience - was there having lunch with a student who then walked and shared his umbrella with the professor as they sludged through it together.

Something about rain
When it pours without relent
Something about rain
On either side of the glass
There's just something about rain

With thunder clapping
we say, His strength, valiance
fills up the whole world

Not the president
It's known he was asked to be
He walks in the rain
With no limousine in sight
Just the way that he wants it


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