Friday, July 23, 2010

Good Shabbos To All

I can only allow myself about ten minutes to share. Mincha is soon and the right thing to do would be there early and maybe fight for my right to lead. I'm sitting in front of a fountain in a garden in Southbury. It's nice, bordering on bucolic. I've been here since 12, now is when most people seem to be rushing in. I was just asked to fill out a shiduch questionnaire. When I overheard someone say "You're at table 13 I thought they were talking to me." I asked and was told, "No, you're at the singles table." Simple enough. And yet.

I'm at the conference of Orthodox Jewish scientists. I decided to treat myself. First time ever going away for Nachamu. It's not a singles thing. And yet.

Shabbos is meant to be felt. Not everything or everybody likes to be touched, but Shabbos does. Shabbos is meant to be tasted, felt, seen, heard, and spoken to.

Please listen to me
My arriving Shabbos Queen
Please understand me
Tell me you get my meaning
G-d you sure smell nice tonight


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