Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Review - Yehuda Halevi By Hillel Halkin

Yehuda Halevi
Hillel Halkin
Schocken, 2010

Reviewed by Neil Fleischman

Hillel Halkin's Yehuda Halevi is serious, deep, rich, poetic, and real. It is an honor to write about this work. While most frum people automatically associate Halevi with the Kuzari or possibly with one (Libi BeMizrach) or maybe two (Tzion Halo Tish'ali) of his poems, this review - as the book it is about - will focus on him as a poet of his time, still relevant today. (Go to http://listserv.biu.ac.il/cgi-bin/wa?A3=ind1007&L=LOOKJED&E=quoted-printable&P=315608&B=------%3D_NextPart_000_0000_01CB2DAE.D8B410F0&T=text%2Fhtml;%20charset=windows-1255&XSS=3&header=1 and scroll down for full review at the Lookjed/Bar Ilan website - reprinted/linked to here with permission.)


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