Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Another Runner In The Night"

Over Shabbos I passed a colorful poster many times. It reads, "Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." I thought it ironic that this work was hanging in a thoroughfare that a person could easily walk by without ever noticing it.

I am at the 50th annual summer convention of the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists. Thankfully AOJS - in their own words - "is divided into three major sections: Physical & Computer Sciences, Medical & Life Sciences, and Behavioral Sciences." My first fear about going to the convention was that it would be all about evolution, stem cell research, and in vitro fertilization. None of those topics made the cut. The topics were wide ranging, populist in nature, and user friendly.

This after I went to a talk given by the brilliant and cheerful Rabbi Shlomo Goldberg on "The Ethics of Blogging." Before getting to lamdus about whether or not writing is like speaking and issues of loshon harah and rechilus he gave a background to blogging. He mentioned the monumental blog (because the author lost her job due to her blog the urban dictionaries now include the expression getting dooced, as referring to being fired due to something you wrote on your bog - beli ayin harah, poo poo poo).

I have so much to say, always do. And yet (how often do I use that phrase?) I'm busy here. I will leave you for now with a link to the "About Me" page on Heather Armstrong's Hers is a fascinating story and she tells it well. j

Shavua Tov world
May we all have a strong week
Heal where we're broken


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