Monday, June 28, 2010

What I'm Doing This Summer

They say that it's best for the author to not explain poems, and in this case I agree with them. I will just say that these were written before, during, and after a dear friend's wedding ceremony I attended yesterday.

We all seek control
From whatever side we're on
G-d please redeem us

People change over
after you get to know them
or is it just you?

It seems a struggle
Real vs. professional
They must be made one

Some rabbis perceived this way
Rabbis, please stop it

Is it natural
For two people to unite?
Myriads say yes

Bride and groom are bound
by the one and only G-d's
holy tradition

Try not to say "I"
More-so not to think of "I"
When you serve others

I cry at weddings
and sometimes when the rain falls:
firework moments.

There will always be
People that we just can't have
We always have us

Does husband or wife
become your number one friend?
Yes, no, I don't know.

"It's nice to be nice."
Sometimes cliche's can be true
"Could happen to you."


We each seek relief
It's relief we seek

As a daily tweak
Or at end of week
At our peak
Or When weak

It's relief we seek
We each seek relief


How long happiness
How long life
How long happy times
for husbands and wives?

How long tragedy
How long disdain
How long time of grief
How long psychic pain?


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