Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shabbos was full and nice. Last night, despite myself, I got to sleep late. I woke up at seven, pre alarm. Went to minyan at 7:45, led from Yishtabach till the end, which was at about 8:40. I dropped off my tallis and tefillin at home, ate a quick bagel and lox and then headed down to the Lower East Side. I had a ride there to a chuppah at the Park Savoy in Florham Park, N.J. The ride said to be there by 9:35, because they were leaving AT 9:45. I got there at 9:25. We left at 10:20. We got to the wedding in time for bedekking at about 11, chuppah started at 11:35. At about 1:00 I got a cab to the Morristown train station. At about 2:45 I was in the city. I met a colleague on the U.W.S. and she rode me to Teaneck to visit another colleague sitting shivah. I just got home a little while ago, which brings us back to doe, doe, doe.

I just started watching Word Wars, a film about professional scrabble players. Between each scene they had word schtick on the screen, it's cool. The opening premise is that there's a scrabble out there that's not your grandmother's scrabble. This one includes lists of every word that starts with Q and has no u, it involves chess clocks and penalties for overtime, and it includess a tournament that pays the winner $25,000 (and the competitors count on that money to live).

Plenty more to say, but I'm going to sign off now, hopefully to post more later.


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