Sunday, June 13, 2010

3 Posts In 1

Five From The Life Rule Book

We are antagonistic/jealous of that which we most fear we will never have.
Only tense people order others to relax.
If someone is sad, it's not helpful to say, "Don't be sad."
If someone just tripped it's not helpful to say, "Be careful."
People treat us the way we tell them to treat us.

Internal Vs. External Life
Many people live too little on the inside, others (some of my best friends) focus too much on their internal lives. I've been thinking about this, as I've been cocooning. Sometimes cliche's are true, like the one about needing to get out more.

800 Words On The Parsha

I've learned a lot from writing for a major newspaper (The Jewish Week). One of the lessons is that 800 words is both more and less than I ever realized. And now for my next trick, I will try, off the cuff to write 800 words on Chukat - special to this blog.

I did it! I decided to post the results of my free flowing of 800 parsha words on parshapost.


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