Saturday, May 29, 2010

True Stories May Never Have Happened

Zeus, to me is not real, and yet I understand
Yes, we need stories, and they are true even when they didn't happen
Xerxes was murdered by Artabanus; power corrupts
What is my truth? - we must always ask ourselves
Vast options of stories to tell ourselves lay before us
Until when we will tell ourselves stories that hurt/don't work?
Till we have brave hearts we won't face our true truth
So many times we will run from ourselves
Really, we are on a treadmill there is running but not escape
Quietly? Thoreau (and Artscroll*) is wrong; the desperation is loud
Please G-d, free us from exile, particularly the exile from our selves
"Only we know our own truth," would that this were so
"Now is the time for all good men..."
Me and mine are but a small piece of us and ours
Love, over-used as a word, under-displayed in action
"Kindness" has been replaced by "niceness," kindness - almost gone
"Just do it," a commercial slogan, can also be a deep truth
I (individual) vs. us (communal, and us (local) vs. us (global) - sigh
How do we change a self, community, world? Help us, please, G-d.
Goodness in all its complicated simplicity is misunderstood
Forgetting does not apply to those for whom hope lives in my heart
Early and Late exist, On Time - like the Tooth Fairy - does not exist
Downs and ups - if you alone ride them both well you will be less lonely
Crunch time is every second of every day
"Be Thou my vision, oh L-rd of my heart"
A truth is true backwards and forwards

*The Artscroll/Stone Chumash's
introduction to the book of Ruth states
- with no attribution - that,
"The great majority of people lead lives of quiet desperation."


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