Thursday, May 27, 2010

Personified poems

I can't believe that a year has passed since I stood at a bus stop, waiting and waiting and writing.

Carry On
All that I see goes
In the bags under my eyes
They are for storage


Your sense of humor
Will drop by and save your life
If you let her in

Self Reliance

On self reliance
You can surely/always count
If you can own it

Sad Pity

Self pity remains
the saddest of all the pities
standing so alone


Extreme impatience
Loves to drive you to your grave
Going way too fast


Pity; enemy
Though he poses as a friend
The friend is kindness
Whom pity pushes aside
So you stay just where you are

Prompts us to show what we know
When it's not our turn
When someone else has the stage
And it makes us look foolish

Tiredness and Anger

Tiredness, like her
Cousin Anger
can be your friend
if you will just listen
to what she is saying

Hunger and Boredom

and her brother
come by
to point out
holes in our insides.


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