Sunday, May 30, 2010


One Year Ago Today - I posted these poems right before my soul stole away:

Five Seconds To Sleep

When I blog just before sleep, I think about the prayer for forgiveness that we say at this time. It's more a proclamation than a prayer. We simply say we forgive whoever hurt us today in any way...

" forgive - Divine"
for humans it takes longer
sometimes a lifetime
Sometimes I wonder
If I'm being punished
for people I've hurt and
not reconciled with...
When asked who my favorite is
Of all the characters in the Bible
My standard answer is King David
Because he was a guy's guy and a poet
But as I lay in bed, approaching sleep and
In this in between state I access inner truth
I feel like I most relate to Joseph The Dreamer
who felt all that happened in his life was from G-d
And told his brothers that - but never, "I forgive you"


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