Friday, June 10, 2022

Four Thoughts On That Came to Me While Davening

 We thank G-d for spreading the land out on top of the water.  Things are often not what they seem. We approach the world as if it is dry land with places that are water.  Really it is water that G-d, miraculously, in some parts keeps covered by land.

We ask to be seen with kindness and mercy through the eyes of G-d and all who see us.  Maybe what we're saying is that we should all be blessed to see each-other with G-d eyes.

We praise G-d for having saved us in order that "kavod" can sing praise to him.  Some say that kavod, here, refers to our soul.  Perhaps, what we are actually saying is that all honor should be a praise to G-d, by being traced back to G-d as honor's source.

In Modim DeRabanan we daily say a form of the brachach of Shechechiyanu, thanking G-d for keeping us alive and sustaining us till this moment - al shehechiyitanu vekiyamtanu.


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