Monday, March 28, 2011

Breishit Questions


1. Who invented musical instruments?
2. Name two women described in Breishit as having their faces covered with a veil.
3. Name someone who was not one of the Avot or Imahot whose name was changed in Sefer Breishit.
4. Name three people described one way or another as a son born from old age (some variation of ben zekunim).
5. Two pairs of brothers who hugged and fell on each other's necks and cried.
6. Name two people who said, "Am I in the role of G-d (tachat Elokim)" State who they said it to.
7. When are there 7 days of wedding celebration?
8. When are there 7 days of mourning?
9. Other than Avraham, who ran to greet a guest? Name the host and the guest. (It's not Lot)
10. When does Yaakov say that an angel should/will bless his descendants? (It's not when he wrestles the malach of Eisav)
11. Who does the Torah paint a negative picture of by using 5 action words – all starting with a vav – in a row?
12. Whose name tells us that he only had his job because his father had it before him?
13, What is chomer hiyuli, a term introduced by Ramban to describe something in the Breishit story?
14. What Hebrew word is used to describe all 3 characters in the Eitz HaDa’at story?
15. What proof can you bring from the text that the nachash never actually spoke?
16. Name 3 people who say baruch Hashem.
17. I was named for laughter.
18. Who (according to Chazal) referred to himself as Echad HaAm?
19. What word is used to mean both that Yitzchak prayed and that Hashem aswered his prayer?
20. Who prayed for water and then saw a well that may have been there all along?
21. State 2 places the word oolai is used and who said it to who?
22. Name 3 people regarding whom a form of the word tam is used.
23. Who’s Birthday party is mentioned (it’s NOT Yitzchak).
24. Who asks who, “How old are you?”
25. I will exist forever though I only live for thirty days: Who am I?
26. According to Rashi, what does Avraham mean when he says, “If you go to the right, I’ll go to the left?’
27. What is chomer hiyuli? (Ramban)
28. Give the two examples the Gemorah gives of someone lying for the sake of shalom. (The answer is NOT Avraham saying Sarah was his sister or Yaakov saying he was Eisav)
29. Who is described as gibor tzayid?
30. Who does Yaakov say Ephrayim and Menashe will be like?
31. Who had a dream in which he was told not to spesk – not for good or bad – to someone else. Who was he told not to speak to?
32. Name all 3 things that Avraham’s descendents are compared to.
33. This man died, but was never born.
34. In telling eachother about how what they had in life one ofthese men said, “I have a lot,” and the other said, “I have everything.” Name them.
35. Who died during childbirth?
36. Who settled in the land of Nod?
37. Who was the first shadchan?
38. Regarding whom are we told, “He took in his hand the fire and the knife.?”
38. Where does Avraham set the example of “Emor me’at, ve’aseh harbei?”
40. Who was the first shepherd?
41. What was the name of Yosef’s wife?
42. What brachah does Yaakov give Dan?
43. To what animal is Binyamin compared?
44. What 1 basic piece of information does the Torah withhold regarding both Noach’s wife and Lot’s wife?
45. Who falls off a camel and when does this happen?
46. Whose name means, “This time my husband will become connected to me?”
47. What happened at Mount Ararat?
48. Name four people who say “hineini.”


Anonymous lavender garden said...

thank you for posting these thought-provoking Torah questions. We discussed them at the dinner table. M'chayil el chayil!

March 30, 2011 at 2:49 AM  
Blogger rabbi neil fleischmann said...

you're welcome. if you want to confirm answers let me know. also, there are more.

March 30, 2011 at 7:12 AM  

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