Thursday, August 28, 2008

Off The Isle And Into The Row

This morning I was at a meeting for close to 200 people. The meeting was in a room sett up with tables and chairs in rows. I was catching up with someone who was telling how much she enjoyed the Glass Castle (which I then recalled having lent her two years ago) when an assertive woman marched down the isle which turned off into a row.

"Excuse Me," she announced.

So I turned off the isle and into the row. Then she backed up and decided that she wanted to turn into the row and there was another Excuse Me in my direction. I moved out of the isle, into the row, and let her go by again. I looked at the person I was talking too had clearly taken in the moment and said:

"There's a metaphor here. I'm in one spot - in her way. I'm in another spot - in her way. Maybe it's not me."

In life we sometimes look at external circumstances as being in our way when the roadblock truly comes from within. We need Divine help, and we need to be motivated and take action. It would benefit each of us to look inside and see if we can loosen and eventually move or even remove the roadblocks within us.


Blogger kishke said...

No man is an isle
But one who stands in the aisle.
Proud folk like ships checked.

August 28, 2008 at 4:07 PM  

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