Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Written Upon Returning From Pilgrimage to israel

"Bechol derachechah da'ehu - know G-d in all your ways." That's how it's usually translated. But the word derachechah, defined as "ways" also means roads, reminding us that in life we don't always travel to where we dreamed we would go. And yet, this text tells us to see G-d in every journey in our lives. Every place we go has holiness for us to mine.
Yaakov, father of the Jewish People, ended up in many unexpected places in his life. He serves as a role model for us when at a seemingly godless rest stop he has an epiphany and exclaims: "G-d was in this place, and I, I did not know!"
May we be blessed to know G-d in each place, even the seemingly unexceptional ones, where we find ourselves in our life. We can always, without exception, find Him where we are.


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