Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Other Donkey Story

A man and woman marry.  The man owns a donkey.  He and his wife journey.  He has her ride on the donkey and he follows behind.  A stranger stops him: "You need to balance things; look out for yourself too. "So he rides on the donkey and has his wife walk behind.  Another man stops him: "What's wrong with you? Letting your wife walk while you ride the donkey!" So he and his wife both walk behind the donkey. Someone stops him: It's ridiculous that you both walk and the donkey walks with no-one riding on her." So he and his wife get on the donkey, A Bedouin from a passing caravan stops him: "You can't see your donkey's face, but he's clearly about to be crushed from the weight of the two of you." So the man and his wife get off the donkey and together they carry the donkey the rest of the way.

What meaning to you see in this story?


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