Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sleep Haiku

Our father Jacob
shared faith by going to sleep,
laying down a truth

The trouble with sleep
is that she takes her own time
disrespecting mine

Calling it a night
consciousness suspends herself
and catches some sleep

After the miles
were traveled, I wonder if
Robert Frost got some sleep

I almost got hit
crossed without looking both ways
went downstairs to sleep

I sleep with eyes closed
and also with open eyes
In time, I wake up

It's hard to sleep well
while still holding everything
It takes letting go

Pushing doesn't work
at least not in the long term
Yet you can't just sleep

Is only sleep sleep?
I want to replicate sleep
What else counts like sleep?

Sometimes sleep's a dream
But life is not but a dream
And so we need sleep

Sleep takes our faith
a mini facing of death
admitting limits

Like Achashveirosh
who had everything but sleep
I lie here and sigh

Laying on my bed
You hurt me deep inside me
From so far away

Wicked addiction
Is what keeps me up at night
And what helps me sleep

I drift off to sleep
the book falls out of my hands
little is as sweet

When I was a kid
with my father beside me
I prayed before sleep

I remind myself
lying here as an adult
of all those I love

In Israel too
it takes over at some point
we lay down and sleep


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