Thursday, June 25, 2015

In Memory Month of Tamuz

The phrase of Zichru Torat Moshe and Zman Matan Torateinu are both Roshei Teivot forTamuz but without the Vav since although the Luchot were given in the month of Tamuz they were broken as a result of the Cheit - mistake of the Eigel HaZahav - Golden Calf so they are missing the Vav Hachibur, that which connects Heaven and earth. Chazal say that had the Luchot not been broken, forgetfulness would not have entered the world. Memory works by association hence the vav is missing. From  Likutei Maharan 217, as told to me by Rabbi Michael Olshin.  The implication seems to be that Tamuz is an auspicious time to work on memory, that maybe memory is a theme of the month.


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