Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Pre YomTov/Shabbos Thought

I never know what to write or where to write it. I starting blogging, like I started so many other things. because of honesty- because I wanted to be honest.  And then, like in so many other life contexts, I got more self conscious and cautious.  But I always long for honesty and truth.

I have a ride comingh any minute.  Need to sit ready and wait.  Need to finish this post.  Soon.

I don't often use the word here, but I am single.  And as has become necessary to explain and add in recent years- never married (that's how others put it and then I amend it to not yet). I'm going on a singles event.  In answer to FAQ- I think it's called Connections Retreat.  I just think of it as the thing that I first went on three years ago, run by Yitz and Rivkah.  It's all about nice people coming together and being kind.  It's amazing how just telling people to be aware and kind can work for many people.

I pray for a Yom Tov that moves us all forward in ways we can see and feel.

On Shmini Atzeret may we be blessed to stop (la'atzur) and grab onto something to keep and use for the year- from the process of holidays now closing.

Wishing everyone a wonderful last days of Yom Tov. May it be filled with true moments of humanity, spirituality, and religion/religiosity. And may the first Shabbos of the new Torah cycle get it's due and may we glean from it clarity, peace, and strength.

(And so much more, for which words elude me.)


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