Wednesday, August 06, 2014

On Haiku And And And

Last night's post was actually, mostly, from way earlier in the week. But I wanted to post it and didn't feel like editing it.

Not sure what to write or where...

I recently bought a book called Haiku in English: The First hundred Years. I bought it because it is a haiku collection, and more-so, as they were counting on, because it has Billy Collins' name on the cover (because he wrote a short intro).

"The stop-time instant at the heart of haiku might be said to offer resistance to the remorseless powers of forgetfulness."

Sometimes I write those kind of capturing a moment haiku.  Often I just try to write anything that works within the 5-7-5 system.  i know the modern American haiku people don't like that.  But I disagree.  I say that myriad third grade English teachers can't be wrong.

The 5-7-5
is the crux of my haiku
Like Mrs. Phillips


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