Tuesday, August 05, 2014


And yet.

Two short sentences from books that stayed with me.

I almost finished a book, then I left it in the home I slept in over Shabbos.  I have 15 pages left.  I need to get me to a bookstore and sit and read the end.  It's My Salinger Year.  It is good.  A distinct, strong voice, a  voice- in a good way).  (I've recently been given cause to pause about the expression "strong personality."  I think it's a euphemism really. People who are kind, and gentle, and good can be so in a palpable, powerful way.  And yet no-one seems to ever say of these types that they have strong personalities.  Strong personality is used, knowingly or not, to mean that someone consistently fails big time to speak or behave as kindly or thoughtfuly or subtly or wisely as a refined, truly human, image of G-d is meant to, or to even seem to be trying.)

Two Fridays ago, which was shortly over a week ago, I got my treadmill delivered and assembled.  Since my fall that Friday night I have used it hesitantly and sparingly until I used it tonight for 45 minutes.  I don't quite know what to say.

I spent Shabbos with dad. In his new place. I cherish every moment with him.  You can go home again, even when you can't.

My nephew and his wife had a baby girl on Friday.  My dad said that the picture showed the most beautiful baby he's ever seen.  May everyone enjoy good helth and life.

So much of my life happens inside me.  And though I've said it till it's cliche'd, I will say again that I don't know what to write here.

Tisha b'Av went well. I wrote and linked a bit here and wrote on Facebook and in my diaries...

We need to make room for G-d to say yes for what we ask for- Advice from a dear friend...

So much to say and then again...


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