Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Vayikra - "Torah Tweet" ©*

Sefer Vayikra focuses on korbanot, usually translated as sacrifices.  The root of the word korban  is karov; korbanot are acts done to increase our closeness to G-d.  We were created in order to achieve closeness to g-d.  As Dovid HaMelech said that closeness to G-d was the only good I he found in life.”  Today prayer fills  the place of korbanot; prayer is the act we perform in order to increase our closeness to G-d.  Just as people were distracted in regard to korbanot by the technical elements and missed the point so too we forget the purpose of prayer.  May we be blessed to take time every day, particularly during the slots we already set aside for davening, to increase our closeness to G-d.

* This term is not actually copyrighted by me, or to the best of my knowledge, by anyone else. It's used by many, and is the name of the 1-2 minute Dvar Torah that I give every week in the school I am blessed to serve in.


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