Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quick Post Following A School Program

My school had an assembly this morning for all grades (over 600 people). It was a presentation of Rabbi Marc Schneir and Imam Shamsi Ali, authors of the book Sons of Abraham: A Candid Conversation about the Issues That Divide and Unite Jews and Muslims, in the form of a dialogue, excellently moderated by Rabbi Dan Rosen. The speakers each presented well.  The audience was attentive (no small feat).  The media was there. There were questions at the end and many students crowded around our guests after the program had officially ended. It was an important and strong program. At the end our principal praised the two leaders and paraphrased the Rambam as saying that when someone acts unpleasantly it gives cause to pause and wonder if they are really a son of Abraham- because son's of Abraham are merciful people born of merciful people. He noted that, as the book's title points out, Muslims and Jews are each sons of Abraham, and thus each are merciful people born to merciful people. He said that one day, please G-d the work of these leaders will not be needed as peace will reign throughout the world. His complimentary words and their tone reminded me of his comments following another program (see first paragraph) some years ago. It was important to to me to get to Rabbi Schneir after he was clear of the crowd to tell him what a wonderful, good hearted, outstanding young man, his son, my student is. I really wanted him to hear that truth and schep nachas.  i was touched when he said that his son is inspired by me and quotes me all the time.


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