Friday, October 11, 2013

My Day

My day has been non-stop and continues to be that way but I am pausing for a minute.  Breathing. Thanking G-d for life.

It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to.  At least briefly.  It's my birthday and I will thank G-d for life. It's my birthday and I will pause and think.

Kids and other human beings like when I "rap" on the spot. You can give me any three words and I'll make a rhyme-ey rhyme using them.  I just did one connecting "chicken," "Gemorah," and "IPod earphones." It went over well - it was a small discussion group with another rabbi and a few students. I spoke about what we mean when we say we love chicken (that we love ourselves) and the struggle many have with learning Gemorah and how music is used as an escape. The other rabbi is blown away by the depth of what I say, he says, more than by the rhyming.  The students like the rhyming and say I should pursue a music/rapping career.

A class asked me yesterday randomly when my birthday is.  I couldn't/wouldn't lie.  Usually my birthday flies under the radar.  But they brought me an inscribed Butterflake cake! And we learned too. I believe it's the first time in 18 years here that I slipped out when my birthday was to a class and it was nice that they brought in a cake and other celebratory food.

I gave two tests today.  It went well, yet tests are always a game-changer that needs to be negotiated with.  And tests are hard work and complicated for everyone.

And then there's guidance  - trying my best to be there for a lot of students with need.  Please G-d i am helping and will continue to do so.

Then there's dad.  I worry about him and speak to him every day.

A short time has passed since I penned the previous paragraph.  And yet a lot has happened.  I set up plans to have guests for Shabbos (now I'll just need to shop and cook).  A parent called to talk about concerns regarding her son or daughter.  I spoke to her for a while and then saw the teacher.  Then I was paged to the front desk.  Why?

I received the delivery of a gorgeous birthday gift.

The note reads:

Dear Neil,
Happy Birthday!
May Hashem Bless You With A
Year Of Health, Love, Growth
And Joy.

To me a wow.

I have a lead hunch and some runners up way behind.  And yet I don't know for sure who this is from and yet I am touched by this act of kindness.

As I write Reb Shlomo is singing VeShavu Banim on Spotify. I am taken by this gift, concerned about all I need to get done, taking stock of my life and thinking, always thinking.

Here's what I posted one year ago today.  I had forgotten what happened on this date last year.

Thank you G-d for bringing me, along with your partners/my parents, into this world. I thank you for all the past as I stand in the present and reflect on the future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

(and I'm awed how calmly you talked about shopping and cooking for shabbos when it was already Friday afternoon. I hope you enjoyed your guests)

October 12, 2013 at 10:41 PM  
Blogger rabbi neil fleischmann said...

Thank you Anonymous, whoever you are.I very much appreciate your posting your wishes and more here.

(And - I did it! Shopped, got some ready stuff (kugels - potato and broccoli, challahs, chumus, tabouli and quinoa salads) and some not difficult or very long stuff (a squash based soup in place of cholent and chopped turkey and raw chicken cutlets and lots of veggies for salad and chocolate covered almonds for desert).

It went nicely. I have a lot left over.)

October 13, 2013 at 9:34 AM  

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