Monday, October 21, 2013

Evening Post

I have ten minutes to blog.  What do you blog about when you only have ten minutes?  No, I mean, really, I'm asking you. What do you blog about when you only have ten minutes? Let me know.

Life feels non stop. I guess that's the difference between dying and living.

Part of me wants to list my activities of the day, wants you to see how busy I am, wants you to express your sympathy for how busy I am and how hard I have it.  That's part of me.  Another piece of me wants to just keep moving and doing while trying my best to keep it between me and G-d. That higher me wants to recognize that you are busy and burdened and I want to reach out to you and your needs rather than yearning for you to feel for me and care for me. Maybe we can reach a compromise, I'll care about you and you'll care about me. Let's call it a connection.  Let's make it a real relationship.

Okay, that's ten minutes.


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