Sunday, September 01, 2013

Good Vuch


9:22 PM - Just spoke to dad.  it's taken on a new meaning.  He went out of rehab to my brother for Shabbos afternoon and was happy about that.  Thank G-d.

As I write, and multitask,  the Diaspora Yeshi va Band's Kotel Song plays...

10:10 PM - Now DYB's "Asei Le'Ma'an" is playing.

At lunch the brilliant Pinny Bulman shared an original thought.  Malchiyot, Zichronot, and Shofrot are three satges.  First is the acceptance of G-d, then comes acceptance of mitzvot, then comes redemption.  This matched the three paragrahs of Shemah in which we accept Ol Malchut Shamayim,

10:42 PM - It was an honor and a joy to have both dinner and lunch with Shelley Bulman and family.  And it was an honor and joy to spend my time from after lunch till mincha playing tag and hide and seek with Pinny and his kids in the park.

Late Mo"Sh"K Into Early Sun. A.M.

12:44 AM - There is something sacrosanct about Mottza Shabbos - Pre R"H Selichot, approaching in moments.  It comes well into Ellul and yet, for us Achkenazim, as per RaM"A, it is opening day for a season.  I've been blogging long enough that I have memories of blogging around Selichot long ago.

G-d please forgive us, and help us to forgive each other and ourselves.  Help us to feel and use guilt properly, to do Teshuvah and to move forward...

Time to do Teshuva, to pray
Via G-d, who's shown a way:
Repentance - an other worldly thing
Something unusual that we bring:
Selichot, in Shul late at night
Early morning - make things right.


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