Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday: Gap Day

7:07 PM - Got home about a half hour ago and snapped into action immediately by posting a poem.

Had a lovely luncheon today honoring a departing colleague.  She told me that she gave her class an assignment about transitional objects like kids' blankets and discovered that the concept applies to adults too.  Like when a parent passes... We all chipped in for the meal at Nobo and and for a necklace for Madi.  And I gave her a copy of my book.  And she gave me a ride home.  She will be missed.

7:25 PM - Thinking about what home means, what family means, what it means to be alone or together.

11:59 and Beyond - Oh to be in the moment of life. When you think about it - all there is is a moment.

Someone googled Miss Quigley and this post was the number one result.

Make (Me) Believe
By Neil Fleischmann
A thousand
years ago
in a land
far away
before time,
you’d fill my
days and nights
Mr. Stone
and Quigley
I miss you
in my baths
and pictures
on the wall
where are you
Imagined friends
can’t disappear
till someone
says goodbye
so I wonder
where are mine 
so hard to find


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