Saturday, June 09, 2012

Good Vuch

9:39 PM - Had Shabbos dinner last night and Shaloshudes today with my neighbors down the hall - Dan and Rachel Geizler. Had lunch with Rabbi Dani and Chaya Rapp. Good food, company, Torah; good times.

Names were a recurring theme at both meals. Questions like: Why isn't Boaz a more popular name? Why isn't Penina a less popular name? How good or bas was Penina? How about Michal? Why was Rabbi Yishmael named for Yishmael? Why are there no rabbis named Moshe in the Mishnah or Gemorah?

10:08 PM - For years I've been saying over this Dvar Torah: Rashi explains the connection between the Mishkan dedication offering of the Nesi'im - leaders of the tribes and the command to light the Menorah that follows it. He says that Aharon was disheartened that his tribe didn't bring these special offerings so G-d said don't worry, you get to light the Menorah.  The Ramban asks why of all things the lighting of the Menorah is chosent to console Aharon?,,.

10:40 PM - The Ramban says that there is an allusion here to Chanukah; the consolation for Aharon was not just that he and his tribe would light the Menorah at that time but that they would light it way in the future at the time of the holiday of Chanukah.

11:59 and Beyond - I think a deeper look at the Ramban (because you can ask on him the same question he asked on Rashi, why is this so consoling?) reveals a deep life lesson: It's easy to get excited about something when it's brand new.  But to excitedly rededicate when everyone else has lost interest - and one might understand if you did too - that is a big deal.

This year I discovered the Ohr HaChayim on this: He asserts that (although there's a debate about it) the Menorah's cups were removed and reconnected every day.  So the idea here that Aharon is told is that it's one thing to be involved in a one time dedication.  Aharon and his decedents - via the Menorah - would rededicate every single day.  That's really big.


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