Tuesday, May 08, 2012

11:53 AM - In 6 minutes I have a Torah Guidance meeting with a student.

I think that in life it's high on most of outr lists to get some caring from others.  And it should be high on our list to give it too.

The Gemorah tells a story in a context of Kibbud Av Va'Eim but I think it applies broadly to all people and situations.  The Gemorah says that one child can serve a parent caviar and the other can make the parent work grinding a millstone and one gets Olam HBabah and the other the opposite.  And it's not what you'd guess, because it's often not what you do but how you do it that matters when it comes to human interactions. TO BE CONTINUED (It's 11:58) *

12:01 - The student came but he really needs a drink - Vitamin Water and the machine downstairs is broken, could he please got the the machine upstairs and get one and then we'll meet.  Absolutely not. Just kidding.  Of course.

12:03 - The student really wants to meet but just found out that his class has gone to the computer room and that he has to be there, so we're set to meet eleventh period, which in English means 4:32 PM.

1:33 PM - Just came from speech class. Two strong persuasive presentations - one on why smoking cigarettes is bad and the other on the importance of wearing a seat-belt.  Another student also proved to me that the word procedures meant what she used it to mean in her speech last week, even though that's not the common usage.  The class is into it and learning - thank G-d.

5:03 M - Did minchah, taught 2 classes.

* (CONTINUED) - One son of a man fed his father fancy food and when he put it down before him would say, "Chomp it up old man!" Another son lived with his father and when rthe older man received a draft notice to the army the son said that he'd go instead but explained gently, lovingly, that his father would have to stay behind and be the one to keep the family income coming in by working the millstone.

I just read around a bit about probiotics and other things to do for stomach issues.  If one does the opposite of all the helpful things then there's not much room to complain. Tea. Exercise. probiotics over antibiotics.  Exercise, walking. Massage.

7:28 PM - Home.

10:59 - I guess it's not that interesting to read my check ins, just the facts style. I don't know why exactly but it's a lot of what's coming out today.

People want attention and care.

I'm blown away by Aharon Appelfeld. I'm more than halfway through his book Katerina.  Earlier this evening I was in school's teacher's cafeteria and grabbed something to read while eating - Badenheim 1939, the book that put him on the map in America.

11:59 plus - Good night and G-d bless


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