Tuesday, April 03, 2012

There's a Warm Wind Blowing The Stars Around

Monday 4:36 PM - Hello, Yeah, it's been a while.  Not much.  How about you?

My alarm went off at 6:20 AM, got up and out soon-ish after. I co-ran the Mechina minyan. My colleague started talking about being someich geulah letfilah and I'm to continue it tomorrow. I taught first period, actually gave a test, which the class was calm for.  I hope they did well.  At ten I had a meeting about the evaluation of a student in terms of extra time, etc. Had my senior Gemorah class twice and we did Haggadah related topics. In Public Speaking someone spoke about the fact tht cracking knuckles doeran't cause arthritis.  I met with two students who are feeling unhappy and overwhelmed.Five classes, two meetings, and other work done.

Tuesday 9:59 PM - I am too tired to share my daily doings and who is interested anyway?

Is tiredness a state of mind?
I guess it depends on the kind
Kind is a good way to be
I hope that you will be kind to me
Me is a good word to sometimes avoid
Particularly if you want to stay employed
Employment should be fulfilling and fun
If you like what you do you've already won
One is the loneliest number, Three Dog Night said
But you can still be sad when you choose two instead

Good night and may G-d bless you.


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