Sunday, April 15, 2012

5:54 PM - I just got home from being away for Pesach and I'm trying to write - freely. NPR is on the radio, some fellow's being interviewed about 70 songs that he put out all at once; Carl Wallinger is his name. I'm not taken. World Party is his band.

I need to prep for school tomorrow. I'm in denial about the fact that I have to go from one job to another - work tomorrow.

I'm pleased with how my Pesach work went. On Monday I did an improv workshop which included people across the spectrum of ages. We did names, Indian chief style, with alliterations - I was Rappin' Rabbi. We did "Fortune Cookies" and "Why Were You Late?" We did a group one word story and a nice session of freeze.

Last night at the talent show (which was great) Sarah Chandler did amazing improv.

10:54 PM - Time for bed, my home bed for the first time in ten nights.

Home. What is home? After an Exodus season exodus I'm back in my apartment. Wondering. Over different parts of Pesach, in different places, I felt at home in different ways. I have a lot of unpacking, processing, planning, and moving forward ahead of me. Please, and thank you, G-d.


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