Wednesday, March 28, 2012

End Note

6:05 PM - End of the work day.  Free writing.  Leaving Paramus in a few minutes for the long journey home.  Just spoke to bro and wished him a happy birthday.  He's on his way to Teaneck with his family to have dinner in E.T.C. restaurant/steakhouse.

Guidance is a big part of my work. I had a nice chat today with a student dealing with stress. Yesterday the headline was friendship - is it appropriate to pull away from someone? In one Chumash class we did some review about how Yitro may have been inspired by Amalek's rebellion against the truth and thus chose to embrace it. In another class 2 people did their Mishpatim presentations - one on machasheifa a term one student was familiar with because it's what his dad calls the ex-wife of a friend) and another on killing beshogeg.

Time to catch a bus
and schlep homeward on route four
for the thousandth time

7:30 PM - An hour and a half later I've completed the ride from bus to bus and the walk from the station, finding myself in the Y.U. library.  Wow, it takes about an hour and a half to get home.  It's amazing what you realize when you look at things honestly.

I miss the days when I would blog here to family that's now now, metaphorically and literally.

I need to lose weight. I'm 10 pounds less than last year at this time,but that's not good enough for my body.  It's about health.

My work never seems to end. A fellow rebbe told me recently taht he comes home every night and vegges out. I just can't.

I'm going to turn now to some work related stuff...

8:23 PM - I just spent a while dealing with the correct spelling of Shakesperean.  Although Shakespearian is also acceptable, the former is most prevelantly used today and Shakespearian was upsetting to some as used in a flyer about an upcoming poetry competition.

Lessons to prepare. Review time for pre-Pesach tests.

Signing off for now.

Shakespearean's used
though Shakespearian works too
You can breathe again


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